Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Garden Flounder

I have just a few of everything from the garden. Not enough to make a whole side dish out of, but more then I care to throw away. Since I am not able to enjoy my normal recipe for Easy Cheesy Flounder, I began to look around at recipes on This is a great resource where you put in what you have and you can highlight what you want as the main ingredient and it spits out recipes.

I used several recipes together to come up with tonights dish.

I layed 8 flounder fillets in a baking dish. I chopped up a couple small tomatoes, an onion, two small summer squash, one small eggplant, one turnip, half a cucumber, and some fresh basil and parsley (the only herb surviving the heat). On top of the flounder, I drizzled some lime juice (it was supposed to be lemon, but whoops! Grabbed the wrong bottle) and dabbed on some pats of butter (fake butter for me, but you should use real). I sprinkled the chopped veg over the fish, and the herbs over that. I drizzled olive oil over the whole thing and sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper. I covered the dish tightly in foil and placed in a 400 degree oven.

It's not done yet. I'll let you know.

Also, I have some peaches from the neighbors tree. They aren't very good quality, so I sliced out the good parts and juiced em. I mixed them with some frozen lemonade concentrate and made peach lemonade as a treat for the kids.

Update: Veg lovers, this one is for you! My husband, a bona fide veg lover raved over it. The kids, while more veg adventurous then some, scraped all the veg off and ate only the fish. Myself, I fall somewhere in between. I did my best to eat all of the veg, but it was only to get to the moist fish underneath. Keith plans to take all the leftover veg in the pan, and the drippings and save them for tomorrow. He wants to have it over pasta for lunch. All in all, a very low calorie dish with a Mediterranean feel.

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