Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peaches and Corn and Turnips Oh MY!

Well, summer is here and so is the bounty of vegetables! I have spent my morning putting up a couple dozen ears of the BEST sweet corn in the county (if I do say so myself). Ok, so that sounds like I am patting myself on the back (or rather, Farmer, since it's his corn) but honestly--it is delicious cold with no salt or butter even. Tastes like candy!

Since this is a cooking blog, I will tell you that I used the instructions for niblet corn from the website This is a GREAT website. In addition to the instructions for the corn, I made use of the instructions for "sun" dried tomatoes. Since there were so many vendors at market last night with tomatoes, many of them came back home. I am not really a tomato lover (I'm working on it) but I do like sun-dried tomatoes, so in about 8 more hours, I should have a bunch of those to do something with too!

*I lay slices out on racks, drizzel with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt, oregano and crushed rosemary. Bake in a 200 degree oven FOREVER. or until they are totally dry but not crispy.

We did not have a great market yesterday. It rained, and people didn't come out. So I had a lot of produce come home! We put up turnips for future use in mashed turnips (calls for butter and cheese, so a few more months waiting until I can enjoy them) We chopped up radishes, a beet, an onion and a few carrots for a "stone soup" packet, and then we rewarded ourselves with fancy sandwiches--and the last two ears of corn that were supposed to be put up and instead were put in our bellies.

Farmer's fancy sandwich was: Two slices of GVA (Grandview Acres-that's us) Dill Rye
melted monteray jack cheese
Two slices of GVA tomatoes (not sundried)
Deli sliced ham

My fancy sandwich was much simpler (although I drooled over his, it just wouldn't be the same without the cheese)
Two slices of GVA dill rye
Store bought chicken saladj
Like I said, much simpler, but I cut it fancy and it was delicious all the same!

The title mentions peaches, doesn't it? Well, a fellow vendor gifts us with peaches galore! They are tiny but very tasty. The boys each ate about 6 for lunch today! This week, I have used them to make jam, and I still had a bag full. So, last night, i decided to make a "cobbler" of sorts. I need to mention, I don't know that I've HAD a cobbler since childhood, nor do I have any clue how to make one. I went to, and all the cobblers there looked more like cake, and I wanted something considerably more crumbly. So, true to form, I winged it!

Wingin it Peach "Cobbler"

I sliced up a bunch of ripe peaches. I'd say I had about 3 cups or so.
I mixed together
3/4 C of AP flour
1/2 C of sugar
1/2 ish tbsp of salt
1/2 C Smart Balance not quite melted
some vanilla and lemon juice for consistency. I wanted it to be "crumbly"

I put a bit of the crumb stuff in a baking dish, put in the peaches, put the rest of the topping in. Afterwards, i realized that the crumb stuff probably needed some cinnamon and nutmeg, so I sprinkled that on top.
Then I baked it. I don't know how long..I just kept looking at it. When it got bubbly, dinner was over and we all were waiting on it, so out it came. Don't overthink it!

The verdict: For wingin it, it was pretty darn good. But it needed improvement. If I make it again, I will use brown sugar, add the cinnamon and nutmeg in greater amount and mix it in to the crumb topping. I will probably use just a tad less vanilla, and I am thinking that oats would be really nice in it--as well as some of our hickory nuts if we get ambitious about harvesting them this year. (probably you could use almonds or walnuts or whatever kind of tree nut you like)

That's my post for today! It's 2:00, soon I have to start figuring out dinner!

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