Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeding the freezer

Prior to having Evan, I was doing "once a month cooking" (OAMC). If you haven't heard, the idea here is to do one massive cooking event, and you freeze food ahead of time, so on your busiest days you can just thaw it and finish putting it together. The effort put forth on those cooking days is worth the pay off later for sure! Since our lives are getting busier and busier, I have decided it's time to reinstitute OAMC. Besides, it's the first time all year I've HAD time to do it.

Sunday, I got a head start. I made Pork with peach sauce in the crock pot (which we ate yesterday, the busiest day of the week), Baked Ziti and put the fixings for hawaiian chicken in the freezer. Keith also made about 5 bags of Cincinnatti chili and that's in the freezer too. Not bad for an hours work!

Today, once that ol fire gets lit, I have plans for more meals. Not only will I precook or preassmble meals, I will do parts of them too. I will prebrown some ground beef to grab for tacos. I will pre cook potatoes for mashing, make pizza dough and pre chop a bunch of onions. I hope to get 10 meals done today and tomorrow. That should hold me for a month or two anyway!

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